Delivering support and resources, in every time zone.

Whether faced with an internal investigation, a government investigation, or an allegation of foreign corruption, TMO Consulting’s Forensics and Investigations team offers our clients the resources they need, when and where they need them.

Our global team uses extensive experience, deep analytic skills, and state-of-the art technology to help our clients answer questions and respond to inquiries quickly – with as little disruption to operations as possible. Our multidisciplinary group has experience across industries, and includes forensic accountants, certified fraud examiners, certified forensic technology specialists, certified database specialists, and former law enforcement professionals, including former FBI and SEC professionals. Every day, we help limit our clients’ risk exposure efficiently and cost effectively. Our services include:

  • Forensic technology service
  • Global e-discovery
  • Forensic accounting and investigations
  • Forensic insurance and recovery
  • Investigative due diligence
  • Accountants’ professional liability
  • Fraud analytics

Exceptional service for exceptional circumstances.

When scrutiny is most intense, organizations must not only determine the facts, but also determine them quickly. TMO Consulting’s forensic accounting professionals provide strategic guidance to organizations across the country and around the world, helping them resolve high-stakes matters involving fraud and corruption, accounting irregularities, and a wide variety of compliance issues. Backed by the credibility and resources of TMO Consulting, we provide a comprehensive, integrated suite of forensic accounting services:

TMO Consulting’s Forensic Accounting and Investigations practice provides a wide variety of services to organizations, their counsel, and their stakeholders. We conduct forensic analyses of books and records, advanced fraud analytics, digital forensics and e-discovery, and assist clients with interviews and background checks. When required, we also provide oral or written testimony, and serve as monitors and independent reviewers, or as forensic accountants to monitors and independent reviewers.

Our professionals possess deep technical and industry-specific experience, across a wide variety of sectors and disciplines. In addition to certified public accountants, certified fraud examiners and forensic accountants, our multidisciplinary team includes forensic technology professionals, former members of law enforcement, and financial analysts.

Corporate Investigations
When an organization needs to address allegations of wrongdoing, rapid response and access to the right resources are critical to stem the tide of potential reputational and financial damage. TMO Consulting combines accounting, investigative, financial, technology, and industry knowledge to help clients evaluate allegations involving management, employees, or third parties.

Compliance Services
TMO Consulting offers a wide variety of services and programs designed to minimize risk as well as to deter and prevent fraud and compliance violations. Our professionals review and enhance policies and procedures, assess risk, test controls, and remediate significant exposures, as well as provide customized compliance training.

Due Diligence

In connection with mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, and third-party agents, TMO Consulting gathers the necessary intelligence required to effectively evaluate these important relationships and identify concerns the parties need to consider.

Immediate, actionable insights.

Backed by over 20 labs on six continents, our award-winning industry thought leaders, recognized expert witnesses, and certified professionals bring a deep understanding of the complexities of data, technology, business operations, and evidentiary procedure to every engagement. TMO Consuling’s Forensic Technology Services practice leverages practiced, defensible methodologies coupled with innovative and patent-pending technologies to address the challenges of investigations or disputes, including identifying, preserving, collecting, analyzing, and producing electronically stored information.

Having worked on some of the most high-profile, fast-paced investigations and litigations, we employ advanced analytics to hone in on the relevant information first, providing our clients with immediate and actionable insights. Our services include:


TMO Consulting has significant experience providing expert testimony, as well as presenting before regulatory and governmental bodies in a concise, relatable manner. Our experienced professionals are supported by multidisciplinary teams that bring a deep understanding of the complexities of data, technology, business operations, and evidentiary procedure to every engagement. Our in-house professionals include:

  • Certified e-discovery professionals
  • Certified digital forensics examiners
  • Certified investigative analytics professionals
  • Database professionals
  • Programmers
  • AI and machine learning professionals
  • Former members of law enforcement and government agencies
  • Fraud examiners
  • Forensic accountants

Global. Bespoke. Experienced.

E-Discovery has become increasingly global and complex. With an extensive network of global resources, 20 labs on six continents, mobile solutions, and seasoned professionals, TMO Consulting provides value-added services to clients around the world. We focus on your technical demands, regulatory environment, and industry dynamics to deliver comprehensive, customized, and analytics-driven services for each client.  Veterans of complex, high-stakes litigation, class actions, monitorships, and investigations involving multinational and multi-jurisdictional issues, TMO Consulting’s professionals have extensive experience presenting before regulatory, governmental, and international arbitration bodies in a concise and relatable manner. Our team has also been recognized in Chambers and Partners for our eDiscovery work.

About TMO Consulting Leverage
TMO Consulting Leverage employs sophisticated data analytics techniques across the entire Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) to streamline large, data-intensive investigations and litigation to quickly identify relevant materials, weed out the non-relevant materials, reduce review populations, improve e-discovery review efficiency, and provide transparency throughout the entire process. TMO Consulting Leverage focuses on:

  • Pre-collection analytics
  • Pre-review planning
  • Review optimization, including Technology Assisted Review (TAR)
  • Post-review and adversary production analytics

Working with industry-leading professionals with extensive experience developing analytics-based workflows, TMO Consulting provides clients with defensible and customized solutions to meet their needs.

The shift from traditional, on-premise IT solutions to the cloud is fundamentally changing the way data is collected and stored. TMO Consulting has expanded our toolkit portfolio to include RelativityOne, an ISO 27001 certified Software as a Service (“SaaS”) solution. RelativityOne gives users the flexibility to meet diverse litigation and investigation challenges with a scalable, globally positioned, secure, and easy-to-run SaaS product.

Integrating with other essential cloud-based business applications, RelativityOne will streamline the e-discovery process, translating into faster review times and better insights for clients. TMO Consulting will continue to provide robust, on-premise e-discovery capabilities or offer a hybrid solution to address the varying needs and business approaches of clients. Our team has deep experience with Relativity, holding more than 30 Relativity certifications; including 3 professionals who have obtained the coveted Relativity Master status.

Bring transparency to your data.

Our mission is to enable legal professionals to become more successful as a result of providing the most comprehensive Managed Services offering on the market.

Managed Services is more than just offering clients a pricing play for storage capacity in an e-discovery platform. At TMO Consulting, managed services is just that – it is the services that we provide to solve real business challenges and achieve real goals when it comes to managing data for legal matters.

We map our Managed Services team’s goals to the clients’ objectives. Our TMO Consulting Managed Services team serves as a true extension of law departments or law firms.


  • Data transparency solves real problems legal professionals face when it comes to managing the data lifecycle
  • We provide dedicated and customized environments in RelativityOne, Relativity’s Azure based platform. This highly secured environment offers the industry’s top security and compliance protocols to protect your critical data
  • We provide a dedicated Managed Services Implementation Team to provide the appropriate level of assistance in implementation, rollout, and training to ensure that our goals are aligned with yours
  • We serve as the needle that helps thread together multiple service lines across TMO Consulting that help solve real problems clients are trying to solve such as:
    • Information Governance
    • Litigation Readiness
    • Forensic Investigations
    • Regulatory Compliance Assessments
    • Damages Calculations
    • Insurance Risk & Recovery

Understanding – and managing – risk.

Information is the key to managing risk. TMO Consulting’s Investigative Due Diligence practice draws on deep experience to help clients make informed business decisions. Our professionals perform comprehensive due diligence investigations on individuals and entities in order to alert clients to risk, disclosure issues, and potential negotiation points. Clients include:

  • Funds of funds
  • Hedge funds
  • Sovereign wealth funds
  • Public and private pensions
  • Endowments
  • Private equity firms
  • Institutional investors
  • Family offices
  • Foundations
  • Government programs
  • Corporate risk managers
  • Investment advisers

Our multidisciplinary project teams leverage BDO’s global network and technological resources to provide reports uniquely tailored to each client’s individual risk profile and preferences. Additionally, the continuity of our teams throughout the due diligence process ensures thoroughness and efficiency.

Citizenship by Investment
TMO Consulting’s dedicated team conducts investigations on behalf of government programs worldwide. Our professionals deliver cost-effective investigative reporting and analysis in a manner that protects the integrity of the citizenship program and the reputation of the granting nation.

Due Diligence
TMO Consulting performs comprehensive due diligence on individuals and entities in order to alert clients to risks, disclosure issues, and potential negotiation points. Our multidisciplinary project teams provide support tailored to meet clients’ individual needs, from M&A dispute resolution and tax planning to financial due diligence.

Experience. Independence. Objectivity.

TMO Consulting works with counsel to evaluate audit and accounting professional liability claims against accounting firms and individuals. With significant experience working with both global and regional accounting firms, we have advised counsel representing clients in high-profile matters involving allegations of audit and accounting improprieties involving hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. Additionally, our professionals have provided testimony before federal and state court, as well as the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (“PCAOB”), U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”), and other regulatory bodies.

Helping our clients defend or settle claims, TMO Consulting advises on technical audit and accounting issues in a variety of settings, including litigation, investigations, arbitrations, and regulatory or professional proceedings. We also evaluate damages and determine loss causation. We work with clients to address allegations of:

  • Violations of professional standards, including generally accepted auditing standards, PCAOB standards, and SEC rules and regulations
  • Failure to detect fraudulent financial reporting or misappropriation of assets
  • Lack of independence and other ethics matters

Our professionals draw on a wide range of experiences and backgrounds, and have held positions with standards-setting bodies and self-regulatory organizations, including the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, PCAOB, and Financial Accounting Standards Board. Our team includes:

  • Certified public accountants
  • Certified fraud examiners
  • Forensic accountants
  • Computer forensics specialists
  • E-discovery specialists

Uncovering connections, immediate insight.

Technology has changed nearly every aspect of business, including the type of fraud that organizations face. Detecting and investigating fraud is more complex than ever before, and getting it wrong can cost a company millions of dollars – along with their customers and reputation. When companies are dealing with Big Data, they have to consider what’s commonly called the “Big V’s”: volume, variety, velocity, value, and veracity. During fraud investigations, the sheer amount and diversity of potential evidence can create a forensic nightmare, so properly navigating it has never been more essential. Even if data indicates illegal, abusive, or corrupt activity, it’s nearly impossible to detect on the surface. Doing so requires highly advanced analytic techniques.

At TMO Consulting, we work with our clients to quickly determine the Who, What, When, Where and How of every investigation.  Often requiring synthesizing terabytes of data and millions, if not billions of transactions, we make connections and identify anomalies or patterns across disparate data sets.  Regardless of the system and the location of the data, TMO Consulting has forensic technology professionals across the globe that can identify, preserve and analyze the complex datasets necessary.   We employ our extensive industry knowledge and experience, coupled with advanced analytics, including machine learning, artificial intelligence and visualization tools, to quickly and defensibly answer these questions for our clients.