Navigating change.

Financial reform and complex legislation have changed the way financial services companies do business. Previously unregulated practices are now under the scrutiny of state and federal entities, and the impact of Dodd-Frank continues to affect many segments of the financial services industry. BDO Asset Management professionals understand the implications of these heightened pronouncements and regulations, helping clients to navigate this increasingly complex landscape.

Through assurance, tax, financial advisory, and consulting services, BDO guides private and public entities in the U.S. and abroad through every phase of their development – from formation to full-scale operation serving the needs across:

  • Hedge Funds
  • Private Equity Funds
  • Alternative Funds
  • Fund of Funds
  • Regulated Funds

Knowing our clients.

The TMO Asset Management Practice guides hedge fund clients through complex regulatory environments, helping them mitigate risk and elevate operational efficiency. Our professionals take a proactive approach in addressing concerns before they become major issues, providing tailored advice throughout the entire engagement process.
TMO’s Asset Management professionals are at the forefront of the latest industry developments, helping our clients anticipate and comply with changing accounting, tax, and regulatory pronouncements. Many of our leading practice professionals are directly involved in various industry bodies and panels that are tasked with developing industry best practices. As a result, our professionals possess a deep understanding the nuances of hedge fund structures, entering each engagement with a low learning curve.

Given the evolving investment strategies and complexity of hedge fund business structures, an advisor with a holistic approach is critically important. TMO’s Asset Management professionals offer comprehensive, integrated solutions, delivering insight into the interaction of the many components of our clients’ businesses. In this way, we help ensure that their operations and infrastructure are able to meet challenges and take advantage of opportunities.

One business, many industries.

Amid increased regulation, private equity firms are re-evaluating their investment strategies to create value in the current environment. Increased regulatory oversight and the changing regulatory environment are creating complexities that are significantly changing the ways they do business. As such, serving private equity firms requires a highly responsive partner with deep industry experience and global reach.

TMO’s Asset Management Practice has extensive experience providing audit, tax, and consulting services to private equity fund managers. Our dedicated team possesses extensive knowledge of funds, partnership accounting, and tax, as well as a deep understanding of fund structures and their overarching business implications. This allows our clients the flexibility to shift their investment strategy, knowing that our people and resources can adapt accordingly.

With a global team that spans more than 150 countries, TMO draws upon a network of professionals with knowledge in the private equity and venture capital space, as well as deep experience in the many industries with which it is entwined. Our Asset Management Practice leverages this extensive network to bring comprehensive, integrated solutions to every layer of our clients’ businesses, from partnership assurance and tax, to portfolio company advisory and litigation support. Whether our clients do business locally, across the country, or around the world, we have the resources necessary to meet their needs.

Staying ahead of regulatory change.

Heightened and constantly changing regulations require a service partner who understands the compliance considerations that regulated funds face.  In short, it is perhaps more difficult than ever for funds to maintain compliance.

TMO’s Asset Management Practice takes a proactive approach to addressing these concerns, especially in meeting regulatory requirements. Appropriate planning and strategy are paramount aspects of our service approach, ensuring that clients maintain necessary compliance.

Our dedicated Asset Management team leverages the infrastructure and knowledge of a robust SEC practice in addition to deep regulated fund experience. All in the service of meeting the assurance, tax advisory, and compliance needs of our clients.

Guiding clients through complexity.

In response to recent regulatory changes, financial services firms must constantly adjust operations and retool infrastructure in order to meet the demands of new requirements.

TMO’s Broker Dealer Practice understands the unique and complex issues our clients face in this shifting regulatory environment. Our dedicated professionals possess the skill set to meet the unique assurance, tax, and consulting requirements broker-dealer confront, while staying in tune with the latest PCAOB pronouncements and requirements.