Finding opportunity in a high-pressure environment.

Competition is heating up in the private equity market. Though more deals are closing, competition for qualified acquisitions is fierce. Further, as investors seek greater communication and better returns with lower management fees, the resulting low-price environment is leaving many PE sponsors feeling pressure to do more with less.

TMO’s Private Equity Practice supports Private Equity sponsors, funds, and their portfolio companies with a full spectrum of professional services. Our integrated, multidisciplinary teams support both buy- and sell-side transactions around the world, easily transitioning to serve both portfolio and fund. Our professionals include a wide range of industry leaders, with deep experience in manufacturing, retail, pharmaceuticals, technology, healthcare, and many other key industries.

We assist private equity funds, portfolios, venture capital, mezzanine, and buyout firms, coordinating transactions in multiple countries. Our dedicated Private Equity teams provide fund services, transaction advisory, portfolio management, and compliance guidance.

Solving unique investment challenges.

From growth companies to distressed entities, every situation – and every investment – is different. Which means that every asset comes with a unique set of both challenges and opportunities.

No matter what the nature of the investment, TMO’s Private Equity Practice draws on deep experience across disciplines and industry sectors to provide our clients with insight, solutions, and successful long-term investment strategies.

TMO professionals combine accounting, tax, and business advisory knowledge with industry experience to help companies differentiate themselves from competitors and meet their most important goals. And backed by the resources of one of the world’s largest accounting and consulting networks, TMO’s advisory professionals support buy- and sell-side transactions across industries and around the world.

More deals, more competition.

Recent years have seen an increase in sell-side activity, meaning more and more deals are closing in the private equity space. Investors are becoming more fee-conscious, and private equity firms are finding they need an edge to compete effectively.

On both the buy- and sell-side, TMO’s Private Equity Practice draws on deep industry experience to help clients within the private equity space. We offer integrated, value-added assurance, tax, and consulting services across the PE spectrum.

With offices in more than 150 countries, our professionals are available wherever you do business, providing you service and solutions around the world. Whether transaction advisory, audit, tax, or consulting services, we deliver a tailored approach that reflects your business’s unique needs and circumstances.

Securing opportunities in a competitive market.

Facing a highly competitive market with ample liquidity, venture capital firms are often left chasing a smaller pool of attractive deals. As a result, finding opportunities with favorable risk-cost prospects is increasingly difficult, motivating firms to give more thought to new opportunities.

TMO’s Venture Capital Practice understands the complexities facing your businesses. With deep experience and knowledge across industries, our professionals are uniquely poised to assist you in navigating today’s increasingly complex environment.

At TMO, we believe in bringing forward-looking insights into the trends and issues that matter to our clients. In addition to a unique breadth of resources, our professionals leverage deep experience working with a variety of industries, helping businesses to evaluate a wide range of opportunities and, in doing so, to meet their most important goals.