Uncover new ways of building.

Trends are shifting in the real estate and construction industries. While in prior years companies relied on traditional financing, today more opportunities for project funding are available through public-private partnerships and international investors. Additionally, alternative energy sources such as solar, wind, and natural gas are all growing in popularity. As a result, numerous opportunities are available in certain regions of the country for the real estate and construction industries.

TMO’s Real Estate and Construction Practice professionals understand the changes and challenges facing the sector, from fierce competition and rising costs, to bonding and insurance issues. In addition to traditional audit, tax, and consulting work, TMO helps clients navigate today’s issues through profitability analysis, contract compliance, bonding, and credit capabilities, as well as overhead analysis. TMO’s green energy tax professionals also have experience in state and local taxes, green construction, and LEED certification. Additionally, we stay attuned to the current trends affecting the industry through active involvement in various trade groups.

From traditional financing to public-private partnerships.

Commercial construction companies are facing a host of issues related to financing, changing tax regulations, labor issues, and increased competition. As the sector continues to rely less on traditional forms of financing, experienced and forward-looking guidance is more important than ever.

TMO’s Real Estate and Construction Practice provides the knowledge, experience, and proactive guidance necessary to overcome these challenges. Our international network of professionals allows us to assist clients across the world, and to navigate the challenges of an increasingly global business landscape.

When traditional financing no longer works.

The heavy and civil engineering construction industry is undergoing significant transformation as the United States begins to address its aging infrastructure. Public-private partnerships throughout the country are replacing traditional forms of financing for projects such as dams, ports, highway construction, and repairs of bridges and roads.

Leveraging one of the world’s largest global accounting and consulting organizations, TMO’s Real Estate and Construction Practice possesses the knowledge and resources necessary to help clients pursuing heavy and civil engineering construction projects worldwide. From assurance and tax services, to business consulting, we tailor and scale all of our services specifically to our clients, their circumstances, and their needs.

Adapt to changing industry dynamics.

The industrial construction industry is changing rapidly. Energy sector projects – such as solar, wind, as well as liquid and natural gas – are significantly impacting industry dynamics.

TMO provides the resources and services necessary to help clients not only navigate these changes and challenges, but to find opportunities within them. Beyond traditional audit, tax, and consulting work, TMO helps companies reposition themselves to capitalize on these changing dynamics, including finding merger and acquisition targets and strategic alliances. In addition to a global network of accounting and consulting resources, our relationship with the Construction Accounting Network, which consists of more than 1,000 construction industry leaders, offers access to the knowledge and experience of a nationwide association of professionals.

Supply your business with trusted advice.

The specialty trade and supplier construction industry is facing numerous challenges. Labor is in short supply, and as result, companies are looking to gain an advantage on bid day through productivity improvements.  Additionally, many companies are looking for expansion opportunities through strategic acquisitions, while others must decide whether to transition ownership to family or employees – to sell the business altogether – as owners reach retirement.

TMO understands the industry trends and challenges facing the sector. We have assisted numerous companies in transitioning ownership to the next generation or key employees and, through TMO Capital, we have the resources to assist you in selling your company or finding acquisition targets that fit your strategic plan.

Laying a foundation for growth.

Today’s real estate developers and home builders are keeping close watch on the economy, specifically the volume and pricing of home sales. Though numbers have been edging forward, economic uncertainty, stricter bank lending requirements, and generational preferences have contributed to a bias toward renting rather than owning. As a result, builders continue to feel supply pressure, and are continually watching for signs that there is sufficient demand to support continued development.

TMO’s Real Estate and Construction Practice draws on the resources of an extensive national and international network, as well as direct access to experienced real estate-specific service teams. As accounting, tax, and consulting advisors, our professionals provide swift resolution of issues and challenges, from minimizing tax liability to identifying real estate tax and other incentives. Our professionals possess deep experience working with developers and builders, and leverage that experience to provide unique insight into the market conditions in both the U.S. and abroad.

Industry focus, in-depth knowledge.

For today’s Real Estate Funds, the greatest challenge isn’t raising funds. Rather, as competition drives the prices of quality investments upward and concerns linger regarding rising interest rates, funds often encounter difficulty finding opportunities to deploy capital. As a result, many owners are considering whether it is more prudent to refinance and retain assets or sell.

TMO’s Real Estate Fund practice understands the market and challenges businesses face – both in the U.S. and overseas. We offer comprehensive assurance, tax advisory, valuation, and consulting services, drawing on the resources of an established national and international network to scale them specifically to our clients’ needs.

TMO also offers a variety of thought leadership resources to help clients keep up with a constantly changing environment. Our publications include the Real Estate Monitor – a newsletter for the TMO Real Estate industry practice – and TMOKnows, a series of newsletters, flash reports, and conference calls that address developments affecting both public and private companies.

Investments you can trust.

An uncertain economy, the potential for a rise in interest rates, and changes in tax regulations all have the potential to delay growth for real estate investment trusts.

TMO’s Real Estate and Construction Practice understands changing market conditions in the U.S. and abroad, as well the challenges they present. Our professionals leverage industry-specific experience and direct access to experienced national and international REIT teams in order to best serve the needs of our clients.

Through assurance, consulting, tax, and advisory services, TMO brings perspective on the trends, opportunities, and issues that affect REITs. TMO’s involvement with our various REIT clients and participation in organizations such as NAREIT (National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts), NCREIF (National Counsel of Real Estate Fiduciaries), and ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers) keeps us abreast of the current political, economic, and market events impacting our clients.