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Our Path

  • Staying informed about emerging technologies in an ever-changing landscape.
  • Adding more experienced, more focused consulting talent.
  • Growing our client base wider and deeper.
  • Continuing to help employers and job seekers build Great

Our Stand

We refuse to accept racism, intolerance and inequality in our workplaces and communities as we stand together with the African/Black community. Much work is yet to be done which include taking action, supporting our people, making sure their voices are heard and increasing our own voices in support of change.

We aim to encourage conversation and educate about bias and racism in all manifestation while some resources are shared to help support that goal.

Our Values and Ethics

Tmo Consulting is founded on people–people who take pride in themselves, their work and being part of our family. We work hard, we work smart and we have quality time for family, friends and life. This is our work-life balance.

Our success is based on effortless communication and treating every client and consultant the way we want to be treated: with integrity, professionalism, and trust. To successfully match consultants with clients is the foundation of our consulting firm. The measure of our performance is our clients’ and consultants’ willingness to recommend us again and again. This is achieved with:

  • Integrity: Always act with openness and honesty.
  • Professionalism: Treat people the way you would like to be treated.
  • Trust: Consistently place confidence in and believe in our employees, consultants and clients.
  • Client and Consultant value: Strive to understand and meet our clients’ and consultants’ expectations and needs every day.

Our Believe

TMO Consulting’s commitment to our people and to expedite equality for all has never been more relevant than it is today, driving our innovation agenda as well as acting as responsible business leaders.

We are enabled to draw, grow, inspire and reward top talent thereby creating an environment which releases innovation, permits our people to perform at their very best and nurtures a culture in which everyone has equal opportunity to belong and build a career.

This commitment begins at the very top and we encourage leaders at all levels to contribute to the creation and sustenance of a culture of equality where everyone can move forward and thrive. Ethnicity, gender, religion, LGBTI, cross-cultural diversity and persons with disabilities are our areas of focus.

We aim to make certain our people are fairly and equitably compensated right from the moment they are under our employ through the milestones of their careers here. When we notice a discrepancy for any of our people, we fix it.

TMO Consulting’s Committee assesses the inclusion and diversity matters we face, sets strategic direction and prioritizes our actions globally.

It is our believe that government laws, regulations as well as  business practices should uphold the principles of equality and that none should be shunned because of their differences which include age, ability, ethnicity, gender identity and expression or sexual orientation. We are continually committed to an inclusive and diverse workplace in as much as we are aware that laws may vary in the countries where we operate.


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For the past fourteen years, Tmo Consulting has solved complex challenges and we are still going strong because we have an extremely talented team dedicated and committed to doing all it takes to get the job done and this is the reason we have gained global recognition.

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