We help those who help the world.

There are many problems to solve, and more ways than ever to solve them. As technology advances, it empowers; as information flows, it illuminates; as the global economy expands, it provides vast resources. The nonprofit community today has unprecedented potential to protect, feed, shelter, cure, encourage and educate the millions in the U.S. and billions around the world who need help. The goals are – and should be – extraordinarily high. The challenge: navigating the many real-world complexities.

How does TMO serve nonprofit and educational organizations all around the world? With a nonprofit heart and a business mindset. We offer strategies and services developed for each client’s specific mission and unique challenges: donors who expect greater accountability, regulations that are intensifying, increased competition for funding and diminishing returns from traditional funding models. Whether your needs concern governance, financial sustainability, organizational management and efficiency, strategy and evaluation, compliance – or all of the above – TMO can help. The sectors we serve include:

  • Charities and Foundations
  • Cultural and Arts
  • Global NGOs
  • Health and Human Services
  • Higher Education
  • Membership Organizations and Associations

TMO Institute for Nonprofit ExcellenceSM – Our Continued Commitment to the Nonprofit Industry

Since 2001, the TMO Institute for Nonprofit ExcellenceSM has helped organizations thrive by meeting the ever-changing needs of the nonprofit sector. The Institute provides TMO professionals, clients and the entire nonprofit community with practical, transformative thought leadership and our online Resource Center to help organizations navigate the many challenges. We produce numerous publications, including our blog The Nonprofit Standard, a quarterly newsletter and our annual Benchmarking Survey, the first of its kind in the industry. TMO also produces a monthly educational webinar series on a variety of industry-specific issues.

The foundation of our culture, the reflection of our communities.

The arts have always been, and will always be, society’s soul – the foundation of our culture, the reflection of our communities, often our most enduring contribution to future generations. When viewed through the lens of history, few will dispute that the value of arts and cultural institutions is immeasurable. When dealing with the day-to-day realities, however, these organizations face significant financial challenges.

TMO helps cultural and arts nonprofit organizations of all sizes run more effectively, project-to-project, exhibition-to-exhibition, year-to-year. We assist with a wide range of financial services and operational issues, helping minimize the many essential behind-the-scenes expenses. We continuously serve as a source of new ideas, including those related to improving revenue streams and using technology to improve operational efficiency. Services include:

  • Digital transformation including augmented reality and business process automation
  • Operational process improvement
  • Philanthropic strategy
  • Cost-reduction and reorganization plans
  • Identifying alternative revenue streams
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Risk assessment and mitigation
  • Board education
  • Valuation
  • Infrastructure and real estate assessments

Helping those who are most in need.

Within our communities and as a country, we must ultimately judge ourselves by how we help ensure the well-being of those most in need. That is the responsibility taken on by Health and Human Service organizations, which often are the last option for families and individuals on the fringes of the traditional healthcare system. Today, many of these organizations are seeing an exponential increase in demand – demand they may not be fully prepared to meet due to the inconsistency of government funding and the challenges of the nonprofit starvation cycle.

TMO helps Health and Human Service (HHS) organizations with virtually every aspect of nonprofit management, including consulting on healthcare management, and the related regulatory and funding challenges. All of our client relationships begin by making sure we understand the public demand, the long-term vision of the organization, and the services required to meet it:

  • All aspects of day-to-day operations
  • Financial and tax-related issues
  • HIPAA compliance and protocols
  • Mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures
  • Cyber compliance and data security
  • Value-based payments
  • Digital transformation
  • Identifying alternative revenue streams

We work with organizations of all sizes: local, regional, national and global. For every client, we continuously look for opportunities to implement organizational efficiencies and technology-driven innovations – everything to help them do more with less.

The higher purpose of higher education.

Education is the foundation upon which our communities and our country are built. And if we are to become more innovative, more self-sufficient, more prosperous, more generous, higher education will lead the way. The objective for the industry: provide the next generation of students with the tools they need to solve the world’s most pressing problems. The challenge for each institution: how to make it happen.

TMO’s Higher Education practice serves public and private institutions across the country, from local colleges to universities with billion-dollar endowments, including those on U.S. News and World Report’s Top 100. We offer comprehensive assurance, tax, audit and advisory services to help higher education clients:

  • Develop strategic plans that support organizational transformation
  • Identify and guide expansion opportunities
  • Design integrated strategic budgeting processes
  • Identify opportunities to expand budget capacity
  • Select, implement and leverage new technologies
  • Enable advanced performance analytics
  • Enhance compensation and benefits
  • Identify federal, state and local tax exemptions
  • Audit/review infrastructure (technology and construction)
  • Streamline compliance programs for Sponsored Research

Our goal is to help all institutions become financially strong, fully compliant and operationally efficient. Our dedicated professionals work closely and collaboratively with Senior Administrators, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Advancement, Enrollment, Student Services and other administrators at colleges and universities across the country, delivering strategies and solutions that are both powerful and practical – to help ensure that each institution can provide a world-class education to their students. Our collective future depends on it.

Together we can.

Our mission is precisely aligned with yours: to do as much good as possible for as many people as possible. So, while your organization stands on the front lines – vaccinating against disease, helping the helpless, protecting basic human rights – we stand right beside you, wherever you are in the world, making sure you have the financial strength and operational stability required to succeed.

TMO provides comprehensive support and forward-thinking financial guidance to Global Charities and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) around the world, helping make a large and complex world feel smaller and more manageable. We help our clients not only achieve their goals today, but continue to do so tomorrow, next month and next year. Areas of service include:

  • US and Global GAAP, IFRS and Statutory financial statement audits
  • Donor-specific audits and other forms of combined assurance
  • Remediation of fraud, waste and abuse
  • Financial controls and cash management
  • Governance structure protocols and mechanisms
  • Cross-border and country-specific issues
  • Guidance on donor-related matters
  • Compliance metrics and non-compliance remediation
  • Donor mandates and efficient fund utilization
  • Expatriate tax and compliance risk

TMO serves nonprofit organizations in over 160 countries. Our International Help Desks provide clients with near real-time access to TMO professionals in virtually every technical area, offering resources around the world for those dedicated to improving it. Our strategies are practical. Our outcomes are powerful. Our services are designed around the unique needs of each organization, doing whatever we can to help our clients help those who need it most.

In support of the mission.

They are the causes the private sector doesn’t serve, the problems the government can’t solve. They are the voiceless issues, the powerless victims, the beleaguered environment, the relentless diseases – the challenges that would otherwise be forgotten if not for the charitable organizations that fight on their behalf, and the foundations that support them. When you succeed, the world wins.

Behind every nonprofit heart is an organization that demands accountability. Measurement and analytics now play an increasingly important role for all nonprofit organizations. Donors and regulators want to ensure that resources are producing the intended impact, requiring charities and foundations to articulate, verify, and communicate their results. Behind the scenes, it’s all data-driven. Our services include:

  • Donor-compliance audits
  • Digital transformation and automation
  • Operational process improvement
  • Philanthropic strategy
  • Tax-efficient organization structures and strategies
  • Investigative due diligence
  • Financial and organizational restructuring and outsourcing
  • Resource-efficient compliance methodologies

TMO supports both foundations and charities in over 160 countries. Our multidisciplinary, partner-led teams with specialized experience offer decades of experience with organizations of all sizes, able to provide services that deliver practical, scalable solutions through open communication. Our goal is to help our clients remove obstacles and focus on their missions.

As you support your members, we support you.

Associations and membership organizations advocate for their membership more effectively than individual members can on their own – with the collective power to educate, protect, influence, and help ensure a more prosperous future. Achieving those goals, however, requires managing numerous complexities: diversifying revenue streams, complying with regulations and continuing to deliver a compelling membership proposition. TMO can help address all of these challenges.

Our professionals have experience helping membership organizations and associations thrive in virtually every industry. We deliver customized, practical services to organizations dealing with financial challenges and regulatory compliance issues, as well as those considering major transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, or the sale of a trade show. Additional services include:

  • Guidance on joint ventures
  • Comprehensive benchmarking against peers or members
  • Digital transformation including predictive analytics and automation
  • Organizational process improvement
  • Transfer pricing studies
  • Valuations
  • Tax-efficient organization structures and strategies