Risk And Security

Global trends have made security and preparedness issues of major concern for executives in both the public and private sectors, heightening demand for expert assistance in proactively mitigating risk and powerfully responding to threats with a full range of capabilities.

Our Strategic Risk and Security team can help you:

Identify security soft spots at corporate facilities and on company networks.
Keep people safe while exploring a frontier market or during a threat event at the office.
Secure the boardroom by getting the right advice or even by finding a hidden listening device.

TMO Consulting delivers the personnel, assets, and high-level strategic insight clients need to confront the ever-evolving security landscape, including full-spectrum risk advisory services tailored to the needs of boards of directors and the C suite.

From site and security program risk assessments to physical protection, travel intelligence, and cybersecurity, and from business continuity and emergency preparedness planning to incident response and crisis management, TMO Consulting, with its global reach, is your 24/7 security partner.

Our practitioners, including leading risk assessment and threat management experts from the executive ranks of the NYPD Counterterrorism Bureau and the U.S. Secret Service Presidential Protective Division, have decades of experience setting strategy to combat the threats faced by governments and enterprises at home and abroad.

The Strategic Risk and Security team at K2 Intelligence stands ready to assist.

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