Strategy and solutions to drive your business forward.

Strategy drives change – so getting it right directly impacts the opportunity and success of your business. Implementing and maintaining an effective strategy is vital, but it also contains a lot of variables one must execute flawlessly in order to unlock true economic value creation.

TMO Consulting’s Management Advisory practice helps middle-market companies thrive by achieving strategic growth and operational excellence. Our approach starts by tailoring our practice framework – comprised of strategy, growth, operations, and organizational effectiveness – to the unique needs of your organization.  We work in tandem with our clients through the full life-cycle of the project, from strategy through execution, to help them achieve their business goals. We focus on driving value-centric change, leveraging people, processes and technology, to spur and accelerate transformation. Our core functional capabilities include:

  • Strategy, Growth and Business Transformation
  • Back-office Performance Improvement
  • Operations and Value Chain Optimization
  • IT strategy & transformation(including M&A IT due diligence)

Realize the big picture through the smallest details.

As business becomes more global and competitive, planning for the future has become vital to achieving sustained success.

At TMO Consulting, we work with our clients to analyze and understand their businesses by focusing on the markets and competitive environments in which they operate. Partner-led service teams collaborate with management to document a strategy that aligns operations, culture, values, sales & marketing, finance, and technology to foster long-term growth.

By leveraging TMO Consulting’s Profit Enhancement Solutions data driven approach, which is foundationally built on the 80/20 principle, TMO Consulting works to facilitate intense organizational focus on critical business drivers, while reducing business complexity. Our diverse team of experienced professionals combines high-level business strategy with technological prowess.   From manufacturing and distribution, construction, and technology, to financial services and healthcare, we’ve increased annual revenue, operating income, and working capital dramatically.

We provide rapid, real-time, strategic, practical, and innovative guidance to business owners, boards, and stakeholders.  Above all, our goal is to help clients plan their future in a way that maximizes potential, develops competitive advantages, and positions them for growth and success.  In doing so, our clients learn to manage their business strategies and prioritize growth initiatives by thinking about the entire picture.

Deep talent to help executives drive sustainable change.

No matter the industry, no matter the company, the question is one that almost all organizations face today: how will we drive our business strategy, unleash the value of an acquisition, or transform our operating mode to stay relevant and vital?
TMO Consulting’s team of knowledgeable professionals helps executive teams drive more economic value to their owners and stakeholders. Whether you are focused on growth by acquisition, enhancing profitability by performance improvement, or don’t know where to start to derive additional business value, our methodology positions clients’ current organizations to define and pursue their desired future – prioritizing and improving key processes and technologies along the way.
Our advisory team has deep experience across the enterprise and throughout the value chain:

Growth and Acquisition Support Services

  • Acquisition strategy and readiness
  • Acquisition due diligence support, including finance, IT, HR, and operations
  • Diligence management office / integration management office set-up and operate
  • Change management

Value Chain Performance Improvement Services

  • Value chain value diagnostic
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Manufacturing operations improvement
  • Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

Back Office Performance Improvement Services

  • Shared services diagnostic
  • Finance performance improvement
  • Human Resources performance improvement
  • IT performance improvement
  • Robotics process automation
  • Cyber

Supply chain support, at every level.

At TMO Consulting we know organizations need robust, flexible, quantifiable, and balanced costs and services to effectively support the evolving landscape. Our Supply Chain Management professionals work with clients at every stage of the supply chain cycle, from creating or procuring a product to customer delivery. By providing the functional knowledge and analytical competencies across the entire process, we help make sure changes are evaluated not only within a specific function, but across the entire value chain.

Our experienced supply chain management professionals work across numerous business sectors, industries, and functional areas. Collaborating directly with your internal team, we provide hands-on guidance and advisory for all aspects of an engagement, from diagnostics and project scope to project engagement, delivery, and implementation.

Our practice is dedicated to providing guidance through each area of the supply chain, including:

  • Supply chain network strategy
  • Customer service goals – Service Level Agreements
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Purchasing and manufacturing
  • Forecasting, inventory, and supplier management
  • Sales and operations planning (S&OP)
  • Warehouse design and reengineering
  • Supply chain data analytics / IoT
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Third party due diligence
  • Tax and transfer pricing
  • M&A – Post-merger integration support
  • Supply chain value targeting analysis

Building a more secure, scalable and cost-effective foundation.

In nearly every organization, technology is driving business forward. To gain competitive business advantages, companies need technology that is not only practical and easily implemented, but will also transform their business and aid their overall business strategy.

TMO Consulting enables organizations to achieve their IT goals and objectives, so they can better achieve their overall business goals and objectives. Our services encompass a complete set of foundational IT components that enable an effective transformation, including:

  • IT strategy and governance
  • Software selection
  • M&A IT due diligence
  • Applications’ strategy, implementation and support
  • CIO as a service
  • Digital Transformation services(including industry 4.0 )